Year End Awards

Year Eleanor Norton Hall of Fame Horse Hall of Fame Rider Horse of the Year
2015 Jayne Perryman Tio Tito Chuck Kessinger Quicksilver WR
2014 Mary J. Whitaker-Anderson WRA Flaming Fire +/ Judith Ogus Most Adoraable
2013 Scott Sansom Murr the Blurr Dick Carter Magnum's Red Baron
2012 Elisabet Hiatt Rroco-My-Sol Mike Maul Canadian Brook
2011 Jo Barrett CF War Hymn - "Buddy" Jeremy Reynolds A Kutt Above
2010 Kiki Leuther & Peter David Razda Michele Roush Ssamiam
2009 Ildi Nadasdy Exclaimation A - "Clay" Melissa Ribley Cal Flaming Emit - "Gem"
2008 Barbara and Lud McCrary -- Jeri Scott San Ffrancisco
2007 Dick Carter -- Jeff Luternauer CV Eli
2006 Judy Etheridge -- Pete Lemond Chief
2005 Doug White Lord Fauntleroy Gloria & Hugh Vanderford LV Cambridge
2004 Bob Eaton -- Barbara White Aleclipse
2003 Nancy Elliot -- Robert Ribley LF Master Motion
2002 Brian Reeves -- Bob Suhr Do So La
2001 Diane Enderle Aaron Moon Heather Reynolds LS Zane Grey
2000 Pat McKendry Salinas Royal Trilby Petersen Robin Hood
1999 Melissa Ribley HCC Nurtrd Nancy Elliot Red
1998 Bing Voight LS Zane Grey Lori Oleson
1997 Trilby Petersen -- Jane Rothert Fanara
1996 Steve Lenheim -- Diane & Gerry Luternauer
1995 Bill Parker -- Carla Fanara
1994 Kathy Miller Gazal Ad Vandenhoogen
1993 Caralee White Tari Maryben Stover
1992 Dave Fanara Rio Julie Suhr
1991 Hugh Vanderford Lad Becky Hart
1990 Julie Suhr
1989 Chere Montgomery
1988 Marvin Snowbarger
1987 Sylvia Hardy
1986 Karen Dockendorf
1985 Ken Bush
1984 Mary Barger
1983 Becky Hart
1982 Virl Norton
1981 Maryben Stover
1980 Connell Allison
1979 Miriam Plaggmier

See the very end of the Bylaws for an explanation of each award.

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