Eleanor Norton Award: 2017

Nick Warhol

Quicksilver Endurance Riders Eleanor Norton Award for ride year 2017 is presented to Nick Warhol.

How many other endurance riders would stop their 100 mile ride to fix a few miles of trail so other riders would not get lost or go off trail, not many?

Nick began his AERC career in 1991 and has a four digit AERC rider number 9228. From 1991 to 2017 there has only been one year that Nick did not compete in endurance, which was in 1992.

As of November 2017, Nick has completed 12,550 miles in his career and 255 LD miles. 252 endurance rides started and 233 completed. He has started 29 100’s and has completed 22 (including completion of the Tevis Cup in 1999).

Nick continues to volunteer for our QSER Fall Classic marking trail, as well as many other rides. You will find him with his horses and trusty motorcycle attached to the front of his cab-over camper. When a ride manager sees Nick’s ride entry it brings a smile to their face, as he is always there to help. Some of us know the job of unmarking trail once everyone has left ride camp, it is the task nobody wants to do. We are not sure how many miles Nick rides on his motorcycle or horse before the ride or how many miles he rides unmarking trail collecting ribbons.

Amongst all of the good times, he also suffered a great loss of a few horses resulting from bad feed. But Nick always manages to push ahead, with his cup half full rather than half empty.

His relationship with his horses is amazing. Even when he gets mad it’s hard to tell because then he flips back into his even keel happy place.

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