Horse of the Year: 2015

Quicksilver WR

Many endurnace riders have the dream of bringing up a foal from the ground up and turning it into their winning endurance horse. Anyone who has done this, successfully or not, can tell you there are many trials and tribulations that come along the way.

This year's Horse of the Year was no exception. He had the usual bumps and bruises that all colts get but also a more serious situation. Having been diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), a relatively common development disease that affects the cartilage and bone in the joints of horses, early on he headed off to surgery to have the problem corrected. Unfortunately shortly after his surgery the joint became infected. Luckily he was a good patient and recovered fully but certainly an extended endurance career was put to question.

Sany Holder brought him up slowly and he showed promise early on. He can be noticed on the trail with a great attitude, nice disposition and mighty stride, his ears forward and always eager to please.

This past year he had quite an impressive season, finishing in the top ten in 10 of the 11 endurance rides in which he was entered and top three in 6 of those rides. He won his first 50 miler this season and was awarded best condition at that ride as well. He won "Best Overall Time" and "Best Overall Condition" at the Cuyama Oaks Pioneer Ride. He finished 4th in his weight division and 10th overall in the Western Region. He proves to be willing to take on whatever comes his way.

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