Hall of Fame Person: 2015

Chuck Kessinger

This year's Hall of Fame member is Charles Kessinger, DVM. Chuck has probably contributed more to the extended careers of our horses than any other single individual. He has performed pre- and post-purchase exams, recommended that we buy or not buy a horse in an objective manner, and managed the well being of the ones we bought (sometimes against his better judgement) for as long as possible. We have all appreciated his matter of fact, down to earth and straightforward manner in caring for our beasts and so also for ourselves for many many years - far beyond the day he threatened to retire.

He is dedicated to the animals and spends long hours in the field. Maryben can remember him stitching up one of her horses in the dark with one of his kids holding the horse and his wife (who I think was pregnant at the time) holding the flashlight. It was a lucky day many years ago when Bing said to Maryben "Let's try that new young vet in Santa Cruz."

He has donated many hours to our club, including donating his time as head vet for our Fall Classic ride and donating his time as ride vet when the Quicksilver Juniors put on a ride and tie to earn money many years ago.

The Quicksilver Endurance Riders are honored to induct Dr. Chuck into the Quicksilver Hall of Fame.

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