Hall of Fame Horse: 2015

Tio Tito

The 2015 Hall of Fame Horse is Tio Tito, owned and ridden by Becky Glaser. Throughout his 12 year endurance career, Tio completed 4,250 miles with over half of these miles in the top ten. He successfully completed fifteen 100 mile rides including Tevis, Race of Champions, Virginia City, and Swanton Pacific. In fact, he finished the difficult Swanton Pacific 100 six times. Tio was good at everything Becky asked of him, from 50's to 100's to multi-day rides. He had three first place finishes and eight best conditions. The successful team was in the West Regional Standings in 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 and the National Middle Weight standings in 1993. It has been a while since Tio has been on the trail. It was in 2002 that he completed his last 50. Since then he has enjoyed a life of leisure with Becky and her herd among the redwoods. This grandson of Witez II is a worthy recipient of Quicksilver's highest honor.

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