Horse of the Year Award: 2014

Most Adoraable

This year's Horse of the Year award goes to a highly accomplished mare, aptly named Most Adoraable, also known as Mia. Mia closed the year with 1858.5 division points and 1662.5 overall points. In 2014, she started 13 rides and completed 12 of them. Mia demonstrated a high level of achievement last year with 11 top tens, placing in the top-three 7 times, and earning four Best Condition Awards. As per Lori Oleson, "Judith worked through so many difficulties with Mia and it all came together this year. Tevis, VC 100, National War Mare standing, the Belesemo Arabians FW Pioneer Award, West Region Standing (overall and featherweight), multiple wins, BC's... she did it all."

In 2014 she started and completed two 100-mile rides, one was Tevis and the other was Virginia City. Mia is highly adaptable, she eats and drinks well on the trail, has perfect ground manners (thanks to Judith), and gets the job done. She is one of those sane and talented mares who takes care of herself. As stated by Becky Hart, "Mia's 'can-do' attitude takes her effortlessly over rocky trails, steep mountains, and dry deserts. Mia takes pleasure in her surroundings as she goes down new trail. Traveling, camping, and racing - Mia takes it all in stride. Her partnership with Judith Ogus aptly demonstrates the bond between rider and horse."

Giulia Orth, one of Mia's crew members, put it this way: "Gentle and athletic, ambitious and cooperative, balanced and open-minded: that's Mia. IT's been so inspiring to watch the level of communication and mutual trust develop between Judith and Mia over the past 4 years." This award is well deserved though bittersweet, as Judith and Mia parted ways several weeks ago. Mia is now part of a very strong endurance training program in Spain, with one of the top horse trainers in the world, where she will undoubtedly be adored (as her name dictates) and will continue to perform at the top of her ability. We wish Mia all the best in her endurance career and we are proud to honor her with the Horse of the Year Award.

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