Hall of Fame Rider: 2014

Judith Ogus

The 2014 Quicksilver Hall of Fame Rider is Judith Ogus. From 1990 to the present, Judith has accumulated miles and awards that attest to her skill as a rider, including in the FEI competitive field. To date, with almost 10,000 miles of competition, she has 27 AERC 100 Mile Ride Competitions, 20 AERC First Place Awards, and 19 AERC Best Condition Awards.

Out of the saddle, Judith has been a constant contributor to the sport. She has crewed for many of her friends and has been actively involved in all aspects of ride management for the SASO Rides. Her organizational skills, quick problem solving abilities, and encouraging and effervescent personality make her an asset at any ride camp. In 2014, she assembled an experienced crew to help all of the QS riders at the Tevis Cup 100 Miler, which resulted in an exceptional finish rate.

With a master's degree in set design, Judith has worked in theater, including at the acclaimed American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. As an illustrator, she is well-known in the QSER Club for her work in Julie Suhr's book, But It Wasn't the Horse's Fault. Her memorial poem for Steve Staub was her loving gift to a lost friend.

When the specter of cancer entered Judith's life, she fought back. Her honesty and talent reverberated through her blog, Cancer Frog. In an intimate way, she gave voice to the fears and pains of all those who struggle with cancer. As she tried to make sense out of her situation, she was able to conquer it. She went on to promote her 2011 fundraiser, Canter for the Cure, enabling all of her riding friends to join in the fight.

You just never know which arrow Judith will pull from her quiver of talent. You might see her artwork here, her name on an old theater program there, or perhaps, that rock sculpture you noticed while riding on the DeAnza Trail bears her fingerprints. Thank you, Judith. You truly deserve your place in the Hall of Fame.

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