Eleanor Norton Award: 2014

Mary J. Whitaker-Anderson

This person is a staple at almost every Quicksilver ride and many other local rides as a rider or volunteer or both. This person is always helping not only ride management, but other riders as well. This person has been known on many occasions to loan a piece of equipment or their services to anyone who needs it. Even if this person isn't able to ride, they continue to go to rides and participate in any way that they can. This person has crewed on numerous rides and helped many learn the ropes of endurance riding.

From my [Scott's] personal experience with this person at Desert Gold, I saw how they would help ride management before, during, and after the ride. For example, they were willing to help with poop patrol and parking Nazi after their ride was finished and then the next day, turn around and do it all again.

During their rides when they came across other riders who were in trouble, they would put their ride on pause until the situation was stabilized with ride management on the scene. Then they would continue on with their own ride. The 2014 Eleanor Norton Recipient is Mary Anderson.

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