Hall of Fame Rider: 2013

Dick Carter

The Quicksilver Hall of Fame Member award in 2013 goes to Dick Carter - a long time AERC and Quicksilver member with almost 9,000 lifetime miles. He's been riding longer than our online records show with over 3,000 miles by 1984.

Dick is an artist and designer of our current logo. He has received the Eleanor Norton award from our club and is still riding, composing poetry, and sharing tales of the trail with his friends at an advanced age. He has been a volunteer on many of the Quicksilver rides helping get the trails together and willing to loan horses to other members for rides. He's served on the QSER Board an has always been willing to help the club.

Some quotes from members who know him well include:
"Dick Carter is a gentleman, a terrific rider, a friend and a horse lover. Of all the men I have known, he probably personifies the square shooter, the dedicated horseman as much as any other.

After his recent accident: "What an optimistic person he is! Other than the fact that he was hooked up and monitored by a plethora of devices, he was the same good natured Dick I have always known. He's eager to heal and get back on a horse."

"Dick Carter for the conditioning rides, the encouragement, and the poetry, plus a very friendly face at Robinson Flat."

"Ride Management, after Dick Carter's personal intervention, has SECURED (finally - yes, we're still in a state of shock) the first ever connection between Harvey Bear and Henry Coe!! WOOHOO!!!!!"

"Dick is always willing to help people with "horse problems" and lend some of his training wisdom on how to correct issues. He will even come to your house if you ask him to!"

A comment from Dick himself about endurance: "What inspired me to ride horses with the horses themselves: I love their grace and beauty. Julie and Bob influenced me the most early on when I watched the way Julie always completed in the top % by not racing but pacing her horse, except if I was in front of her. . . but that never lasted very long (me in front of her)."

Dick is a person who has committed his time and talents to helping others and the Quicksilver club. He's survived adversity and still looks forward to riding and helping others. He certainly deserves the recognition exemplified in the Quicksilver Hall of Fame member for 2013.

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