Hall of Fame Horse: 2013

Murr the Blurr

The 2013 Quicksilver Hall of Fame Horse is Melissa and Robert Ribley's Murr the Blurr. He has 13 years of competition and over 3,700 lifetime miles with a high in 2001 of 780 miles in the season. He has a completion rate of 97% in almost 70 rides. Murr has over 15 top tens, two best conditions and even a first place! Murr has completed seven of eight 100 mile rides including Tevis.

His owner describes hi as "Murr came to us in 1998 from a person very happy to rid himself of this defiant and somewhat crazy animal who was disrupting the peace in his stables and his own home. Murr's first career with us was as a pack mule, at which he proved to be very talented and spent many hours on the pack trails. He then began his second career of endurance riding in 1999 and has been going strong ever since, finding it much more exciting than packing. He has competed in two AERC 100 mile National Championship Rides and has traveled throughout the country for rides including Arizona and New Mexico. Murr has placed in the West Region heavyweight standings and graced the cover of Endurance News (March/April 2003). He is still going strong today and we hope to compete with him for over another decade."

"Murr, with his strong willed ways, defiant attitude, independent way of thinking, and extremely competitive nature has been a challenging animal to live and ride with. At age 18, after years of taxing and testing his riders, Murr has begun to choose the path in life of a "good mule" and there is nothing better in life than riding the trails on a good mule."

Murr doesn't fit the Arabian model of an endurance horse but has many other qualities that makes him the choice for the Quicksilver Hall of Fame Horse in 2013.

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