Eleanor Norton Award: 2013

Christopher Scott Sansom

Scott has shown all around good sportsmanship and is very dedicated to Endurance riding. He has helped many people new to the sport to learn a great deal, including helping people understand the rules, how to manage a horse, one's tack, and one's self during a ride; encouraging people to try out and volunteer for rides; and providing little "thinking out of the box" tips that make everything so much easier.

Scott volunteers to help at many rides, and often provides needed equipment: tanks, vests, etc., so that the horses, riders and ride staff have what they need. In 2013, he volunteered to run the away vet check for the Fireworks Endurance ride, which promoted good will between the Quicksilver Club and the Santa Cruz County Horsemen's Association.

Scott has lent a helping hand to many people when they or their horses are in trouble. A club member had a horse tie up after an evening training ride a couple of years ago. It was a scary "first time in over 43 years of riding" experience, and the member was glad of the knowledge and help Scott provided.

It is with great pleasure that we present this award to a member who gives back so much to our club and the equestrian community, Scott Sansom.

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