Horse of the Year Award: 2012

Canadian Brook

Barbara White's Canadian Brook had four top 10's in 10 completions this year and was in the top 10 in the AERC Regional Point Standings for the West in the Featherweight Division.

After being pulled for lameness on the 3rd day of Cuyama this year, Brook completed her 3rd Tevis to overcome an adverse condition. But there is a more interesting point of view... Brook continues to overcome her natural breeding as a half Canadian. In our sport this may not be an adverse condition but it certainly is a challenge. The Canadian horse is a utilitarian breed known mainly for their tolerance of cold weather conditions, being easy keepers and were used for plowing and carriage. While not draft horses, they were used for similar purposes, not the usual pedigree of an endurance horse... Brook, by her willing nature and no nonsense attitude has allowed her owner to stretch the limits of her breeding and turn her into an exceptional endurance horse. This took many more training miles and conditioning than a full blood Arabian would require. Brook is not just doing endurance, she is excelling.

Amazingly after the first 50 at Cooley this year when vetted in at the finish the vet, Jamie Kerr, told Barbara White that her recovery rate was "the best he'd seen all day" and he commented on it specifically because of her breeding. Impressive for a half Arab and even more impressive as a half Canadian.

Add to that, that she is a metronome going down the trail, never gets overly excited, can lead, follow, or be sandwiched in the middle and NEVER crowds the horse in front of her.

But stay out of her way when she's eating...

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