Hall of Fame Rider: 2012

Mike Maul

This year's recipient has ridden almost 15,000 AERC miles. His horse, Roc, is a decade horse with over 10,000 miles and is still going strong. His other horse, Thor, has also done thousands of miles.

He has been a member of QSER since his time living in California and has remained a member since moving back to Texas. He served as AERC president for two terms and some members think that he is the best president we have ever had. He works tirelessly for the sport of endurance riding. He goes to many rides and serves as the AERC goodwill ambassador, always speaking about the AERC at the ride meetings.

If a question appears on the net, Mike is on it. He researches and runs data searches for almost any topic. If someone wonders how many black and white pintos have done an endurance ride and how many of them have done Tevis, he will have an answer and probably the percentages of completion. He never fails to respond to a question. He helps ride managers and secretaries fill out results, answers computer questions, fixes computer problems and keeps the AERC data base up-to-date. There is simply not enough space to list all of the things he does for AERC, QSER and the sport of endurance riding.

The Quicksilver Endurance Riders are honored to induct Mike Maul into the Quicksilver Hall of Fame.

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