Hall of Fame Horse: 2012


Rroco-My-Sol has a 93% completion record, and is still enjoying what he's doing at age 24 with 10,880 AERC miles, completing 210 out of 227 starts.

Roc's early life was as a trail and parade horse. When he was 12 I saw him at a multi day ride spinning, backing, and acting up. I liked what I saw and brought him home.

When I went to rides with Rroc - we had a 20 ft. clear circle around us at the start.

Over the next 6 months, he learned to trust me. He's now a model that riders with difficult horses ride with in hopes their horses will emulate him. He really likes having a buddy - even if it's the lifelong friend he first met 10 minutes ago.

In 2004 he had surgery to correct a displaced pelvic fracture. Rroc returned to competition in about 90 days and completed another 575 miles that season and 8,000 more total miles since surgery.

At 24 Rroc still enjoys what he's doing. I also started endurance late in life - learned to ride after I was 50 - so we are a pair of old guys and we work well as a team. We'll keep going until it's not enjoyable for him. He will be with me for his lifetime.

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