Eleanor Norton Award: 2012

Elisabet Hiatt

The Eleanor Norton Award is given in the memory of Eleanor Norton, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident when she was 17 years old. Eleanor was a bright sunny person who just made you feel good to know her. This award is a sportsmanship award, given to the club member that exemplifies the meaning of the word "sportsmanship."

This year's winner of the Eleanor Norton Award has a passion for making horse trails in the wilderness. She is a very smart, multi-talented strong presence and is conscientious in everything she does. She has a strong work ethic and also knows how to have fun. She has made some very positive changes for our Club as President for the past two years, making it a more friendly and inclusive place, one where all are encouraged to enjoy, not only our horses, but each other. Being President is often a thankless job and can be served by just fulfilling the minimum expectations. Our winner instead has tried consistently to enhance the club, a truly sportsmanlike attribute. In particular have been her "Club Rides", where we all just get together, ride, and bring potluck, "FOOD AND FUN", without the pressure of points, sanctioning, etc. Three events in the past year alone!

As as sign of her great sportsmanship, at a recent ride, when her horse came up lame, she still drove another rider, who otherwise would have been without transportation, and then spent the entire evening remarking trail, in the dark, so others could enjoy the ride the following day.

Overall, one can describe this year's recipient as, "a woman who can be counted on to do as she says", a truly sportsmanship quality and the reason why Elisabet Hiatt is this year's Winner of the Eleanor Norton Award for the Quicksilver Endurance Riders Club.

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