Quicksilver Fall Classic 2013
Ride Report by Peggy Davidson, Ride Manager

October 5, 2013

I could not have done this event so successfully without the wonderful support of club members, volunteers and people that appeared out of nowhere just when I needed them, and flat out made it easier for me to get things done.

It all began with the arrival of Nick Warhol and Michael Newburn early Friday morning. Nick spent all day, up until dusk, marking the trail in an exacting manner, making sure all the possible confusing turns were no longer that way. There were many complements on the markings that day and I am truly thankful for Nick’s very hard work.

Mike Newburn spent the day organizing and filling troughs as per my request. When the time came for the rigs to arrive, he spent hours in the hot blazing sun, lining them all up perfectly so we could fit everyone and not have to use another area for overflow parking. Jayne Perryman took over when he needed a break and did as wonderful a job. Everyone fit into the space and we didn’t have to use the overflow, keeping things simple.

Lori Oleson performed brilliantly as ride secretary, checking everyone in and collecting any last minute monies that were due.

Carla Wong, soon to be a new club member, came all the way from Livermore to our ride meeting to learn about how to do her first ride. She helped with the vetting in by putting perfectly legible numbers on the horse’s rumps. Unfortunately, her horse was not sound to ride the next day, but she came anyway to help us all day long. She helped Maryben at the finish line and even went out and stood in the hot sun to man the last gate of the ride for a bit. I believe she will be a new member of our club along with a young gal (Jody Wyatt) from Palo Alto who rode the 25 and had her cute 7 year old daughter Leyla, help all day up at Mendoza. That you Guilia and Michelle for keeping an eye on her!

Becky and Judith bailed me out at the last minute by allowing us to use their quad. They also helped with providing lots of ride supplies such as timing clocks, scale and clipboards.

Elisabet did a great job with the New Rider meeting, helping many people to have a successful first ride.

My husband Sam performed brilliantly, heading the ride meeting. My stepson Alex was also there filling in with last minute needs. On the day of the ride, they helped by standing out in the hot sun and having critical gates open throughout the day. They also were my most efficient trail clean-up crew, helping to clear all markings, and cleaning up the camp area and vet check area at Mendoza. We had help from Tim Alton who spent hours with his rake and garbage bags cleaning up the hay and debris. Overall, there wasn’t that much clean-up in camp – the riders had heeded the request to clean up and take away their hay and manure. Lori Oleson and Mike Newburn came and helped as well. Sandy Holder came and hauled all the tables back to Gilroy Gardens for us.

Maryben was wonderfully organized with all her paperwork to handle the in timing at camp throughout the day. She was assisted by Carla Wong for a while.

Sheila Kumar was up early in the morning to take the rider numbers and afterwards headed out on the trail to lead some of the fun riders on her new horse Khid.

Peter and Kiki headed up the Mendoza vet check and kept it efficient and organized. Pat Verhuel was in charge of the timing up there and did a wonderful job. Guilia, Jeanine, Jennifer Perryman also assisted at this check all day long. Jeanine hiked out and spotted at the La Polka trail for a while, making sure everyone did this loop.

Doug and Barbara White donated all food and their time to set up a lovely tent with delicious lunches for all riders and volunteers. This was very much appreciated by everyone – a very special touch for tired and hot riders!

Michelle Herrera made an excellent ambulance rig driver and maneuvered my truck and trailer perfectly!

Dick Carter and Jeff Luternauer came by for a while and helped with P&R’s when things got really busy.

Becky Hart gave a brief but nice presentation at the awards banquet, encouraging people to participate in the sport of endurance riding.

Thank you, Barbara Granter, for the use of the tables from Gilroy Gardens! That made it so civilized for our dinner!

Mary Anderson was in charge of organizing and handing out awards which she did brilliantly – she also stuck around and helped pack up and organize everything that evening which helped save much time the next day. Lori Oleson and Sheila also helped.

The San Mateo County Sherriff’s Association provided a wonderful meal that was donated and we really appreciated that – took a big load off of me in organizing for this ride.

Chuck Kessinger donated his vet fees to our club which was very generous of him!

I probably forgot to mention someone, and if I did, please don’t take it personally! It was a big day and there were many wonderful people who were involved and helped tremendously – thank you also to all those people whose names I may have missed! You aren’t any less appreciated by any means!

We had 21 out of 29 50 mile riders finish and 34 out of 42 LD riders finish! There were 11 Fun Riders, too. I am looking forward to doing the same thing next year on October 11th at Harvey Bear. There were many folks who said they were coming back next year to our ride, including the big group from LA that drove 6½ hours to get to our ride! That says a lot.

The park has been reserved already and things are underway for another successful Quicksilver ride!

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