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  • Harvey Bear Park, the location of the Quicksilver Fall Classic. Photo by Peggy Davidson

  • Riding through Harvey Bear. Photo by Peggy Davidson


Thanks to some heroic legwork on the part of Lori Oleson, we have been able to secure a new date of October 22 for the ride. We will have the same vets, the same trail, the same great volunteers, an awards dinner cooked by club members and handmade completion prizes by Trilby Pederson. We expect a small amount of rain before this new date, which could really be a good thing for our trails, and take the dust down nicely for you on ride day.

If you will be able to join us on the 22nd, and you are already registered, your paperwork can be transferred over as it is and you are all set to go. If you cannot make that date, we are sorry to miss you and Jayne Perryman can assist with canceling your entry. You can reach Jayne by email at .

Your patience with this is really appreciated! We all know how much energy, preparation and expense goes into getting ready to go to a ride. We do feel strongly that this new date will provide a healthier environment for humans and equines, and we hope to see you there.

Jill Kilty Newburn and Lori Oleson
QSER Ride Managers

PS: With our change in date, we also want to encourage you and your trusty steed to consider a costume. Same great trail, awards, vets and costumes - don't miss out!

Life without endurance? I don't think so.

Dave Rabe

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